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Lisa and Pete

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About the Show

Introducing.... Dave Gleeson... from the Screaming Jets (and currently touring with The Angels)...
He's spent over 20 years out the front of one of Australia's best-loved rock bands...

He's mates with all the big names...and when it comes to the behind the scenes stories... either he was there, or he knows someone who was...

Make sure you tune in to Dave at lunchtime every day for Rock of Ages and then at night for the Rock Show. 

About Dave

As lead singer of The Screaming Jets, Dave “Gleeso” Gleeson fronts one of Australia’s biggest pub rock bands – and who hasn’t sung along, sweaty with arms upraised to “Better” or “Helping Hand”??

He puts on a mean show on stage and now on air - every weekday at lunchtime with the Rock Of Ages and again at night with The Rock Show.

The Screaming Jets have played with everyone from the Angels to Kiss, Def Leppard to Alice Cooper – so Gleeso’s got the rock cred to get all the big names on the show, and he takes a look into the music industry you only get with a true insider.

Gleeso’s dumped the “what-happens-on-tour-stays-on-tour-mantra” and delivers up all the amazing rock’n’roll stories every weekday twice a day.

Love music? Love rock? Keep an ear on Dave Gleeson on RadioWest